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Ever since I was 15 and leaving School I knew that I wanted to work in the Music Industry. I was only young and I wanted to be a rock star. My family were very much into music, but at the same time were worried about me moving into an industry which they regarded as a risky career path.

I started playing in local bands as a keyboard player and performed my first pub gig at the age of 15. After some success I became heavily involved in song-writing and decided to start my own band as a singer. I was fortunate to win a few competitions such as Battle of the Bands, Young Song Writer of the year and Live at the Y one of the first ever cable TV companies. We started getting quite a lot of interest from Record Labels and was soon to get our first contract. The company put up quite a bit of money for promotion etc, unfortunately being so fame hungry we didn't read the small print and ending up owing the company money. We were then to get our second contract from a larger well known company, but this time band politics ended up splitting us up, this made me decide to take a break in bands and work as a music writer, writing jingles for radio stations and music for shows. I was quite successful but started to miss the performing side of music, so decided to join a band as a keyboard player again.

I joined a band that already had a lot of credibility and was under management. The musicians were fantastic and all of an incredible standard, this really made me up my game as a musician and singer, I was performing B/V and decided to start studying the voice. We toured and played some of the best venues around. We supported some top bands and had a number 1 single in the internet Garage Charts.

After two years of touring I decided to take a break and concentrate on my family. I went to college and took teaching qualifications and became a music teacher and singing coach, I also worked part time in a recording studio as an engineer and vocal adviser. I trained in four different types of vocal coaching and worked as an A & R representative.

I now work full time as a vocal Coach, Music Teacher and Artist Manager from my own studios and couldn't be happier developing and guiding some of the best young talent around.

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