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Join us now for fantastic Singing and Performance opportunities in 2022


Whether you are a beginner or looking for a career in the Music Industry

BSS is the place for you!

Brighton School of Singing CIC provides affordable vocal coaching and peformance opportunities to people of all ages.

We currently have groups available for 12,s and

 under, 12 to18's and adult.

 The weekly group sessions are designed to be fun, educational and inexpensive.

BSS is for people of all ages and abilities, no experience is required. Regular performing opportunities include local festivals and community events. For the more advanced students there are also regular performances with a live band as well as recording facilities.

Interested Contact:07799776773 for a free trial.

Our private tuition is of the highest quality and the rates are very competitive

Services Available

Private Singing Tuition

Different singing groups for all ages
and abilities

Recording Sessions

Instrument Tuition